Talking about the processing of corn raw grain by corn processing machinery

By, WinTone 14 Oct, 2021

 Corn is the main Grain crop in our country. Through the processing of corn processing machinery, we can eat many different types of food, which not only satisfies our appetite, but also


It also allows us to get a lot of nutrients. Today we will talk about the processing of raw grain corn by corn processing machinery!


       Corn processing machinery can process corn into corn flour, corn grits and other things for consumption in daily life, which is very convenient. Therefore, corn grits processing equipment is an indispensable mechanical equipment in life.

corn processing machinery

  The grinding part of the corn processing machine is broken by external pressure. Small particles will not be subjected to grinding if they are not in contact. If you want to get a uniform flour, you must either repeat the grinding operation or filter it out. As the rolling distance decreases, the length of the grinding area increases, and the degree of material crushing increases, but the unit flow rate of the corn processing machinery decreases accordingly.


  Maize is processed by primary corn processing machinery for physical properties. The corn is made into granular or powdered form by crushing or grinding, and then processed into various foods for human consumption by related food factories.

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