How does flour mill machine make wheat processed into flour

By, WinTone 26 Apr, 2022


Wheat is one of the main food products in most parts of the world. Although the use of wheat pasta is subject to many restrictions, in the difficult era of reform and opening up, it is the main food that supports people's lives, so it has an inconvenience for the public. the same meaning. Now, with the continuous improvement of living conditions, people are more in pursuit of returning to the basics and the nutrition of the original ecology. Therefore, wheat is still an important food to improve people's lives. We know that wheat can be eaten as a short-lived when it is immature, and it needs to be processed for convenient consumption after it is mature. In modern times, there are many food processing enterprises that produce a variety of foods with different flavors, including wheat. However, a large amount of wheat powder is needed in the production. Relying on traditional manual methods can no longer meet the needs of production. Therefore, wheatflour mill machine Begin to enter people's lives.

 flour mill machine

In simple terms, wheatflour mill machine is a device for processing wheat. Through the operation of wheatflour mill machine, wheat can be quickly turned into wheat powder.


The wheatflour mill machine adopts the method of extrusion enzymatic process to process the deboiled and peeled wheat into enzymatic wheat powder, and golden wheat powder with a dense structure. The gluten density is enhanced, and the flexibility of wheat powder is enhanced. The dumplings made from wheat flour have the characteristics of easy cooking and cooking resistance. It is more effective when mixed with multigrain flour when eating.


At present, the highly nutritious wheat flour produced by wheatflour mill machine can be mixed with grain flour to make hand-made noodles, steamed dumplings, dumplings, bread, steamed buns, cakes and other foods, which are more nutritious.

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