Grain Crusher
Grain Crusher
Grain Crusher groats
Grain Crusher
Grain Crusher
Grain Crusher groats

Grain Crusher

Finished product: Grain groats, Food groats, Grain grits
Production capacity: 1200-5000kg/hour
Core equipment: YMSJ Grain Crusher machine
Application: Grain Crushing, Grain grinding

Grain Crusher utilizes the high-speed relative movement between the movable toothed disk and the fixed toothed disk to crush the objects to be crushed through the combined effects of tooth impact, friction and material impact. The machine is simple in structure, firm, stable in operation, and has good crushing effect. The crushed material can be directly discharged from the main machine's grinding chamber, and the particle size can be obtained by replacing mesh screens with different apertures. The inner wall of the casing is all machined to achieve a smooth surface, which has changed the rough and powder accumulation on the inner wall of the previous models, and made the finished product after grain crushing more beautiful.

Grain Crusher is suitable for grain, food, seasoning processing and other industries. It is an efficient grain processing equipment integrating crushing, crushing and continuous discharging.

YMSJ Grain Crusher


Grain Crusher principle:

This machine is composed of rotor, upper and lower casing, granulation chamber, tooth plate, sieve plate, motor and frame. This machine utilizes the relative movement between the gear plates to make the materials to be crushed are sheared and crushed by the high-speed rotating blade. The crushed materials are crushed by friction and the impact between the materials. The crushed materials can be discharged if they are smaller than the sieve hole, but larger than the sieve hole. The particles continue to be cut and stroked until they can pass through the sieve. The whole machine is designed according to GMP standard, and there is no dust in the production process.

YMSJ Grain Crusher


Grain Crusher features:

● Suitable for dry crushing of various grain materials, especially suitable for crushing grains such as wheat, corn, beans, sorghum, etc.

● The breakthrough of particle acceleration technology greatly improves the crushing efficiency and reduces the energy consumption. After crushing, the small particles are of good shape, the particle size distribution is narrow and there are no large particles. The product size is between 8-40 mesh.

● During the crushing process, the airflow temperature is reduced due to the rapid expansion of the airflow, which is especially suitable for the crushing of heat sensitive, low melting point, sugar-containing and volatile materials.

● Materials collide for crushing, which is different from mechanical crushing which relies on the impact crushing of blades or hammers, etc., so the equipment is free from wear and the product is of high purity.

● It can be used in tandem with a multi-stage classifier to produce products with multiple particle sizes at one time.

● Grain Crusher is compact in structure, easy to disassemble and clean, and the inner wall is smooth and has no dead corners.

● The whole system is sealed and crushed, no dust, low noise, and the production process is clean and environmentally friendly.

● The control system adopts program control, which is easy to operate.

● It can mix and crush several kinds of materials; variable combination structure, compact structure, one machine for multiple purposes.


WinTone Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of Grain Crusher. The Grain Crusher produced by our company are of stable quality, with few failures and simple operation. If you want to inquire about the price of Grain Crusher, you are welcome to contact us.

Model Power
Rated Voltage
YMSJ32x16 7.5 1200 200 380 1100x1100x1400
YMSJ40x18 11 1500 320 380 1200x1200x1500
YMSJ56x40 22 2000 500 380 1300x1300x1600
YMSJ60x60 45 5000 750 380 1450×1400×1700 
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