Gravity Destoner
Gravity Destoner
Gravity Destoner
Gravity Destoner
Gravity Destoner
Gravity Destoner
Gravity Destoner
Gravity Destoner

Gravity Destoner

Finished product:
Production capacity: 1-20t/h
Core equipment: Gravity Destoner
Application: It is mainly used for cleaning impurities in grain and granular materials, such as stones, hemp rope, sand and dust.



Besides the standard application of wheat, rice and corn, TQSF series Gravity Destoner can also be used in the special processing of oat, buckwheat, barley, speles wheat and millet, and have been successfully applied in the production of wine making, distillation and ethanol products;
It can effectively separate the impurities such as stone, glass and metal, and effectively reduce the wear of the next production process equipment.


  • Cleaning up impurities

    Remove the stones of approximately the same size and same shape with grain kernels, glass,metal and other impurities, and assist in cleaning materials containing light impurities.

  • Stone removal effect

    Two layer screen lattice, upper layer classification, lower layer to remove stone, the effect of layering to control to remove stone is good.

  • Suction volume

    The screen surface and tilt angle can be adjusted, and the suction volume can be adjusted.

  • Low energy consumption

    The production line adopts excellent automation solutions. It can reduce the labor cost and production cost to the greatest extent, improve the production efficiency and reduce the energy consumption.

WinTone Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of Gravity Destoner. The Gravity Destoner produced by our company are of stable quality, with few failures and simple operation. If you want to inquire about the price of Gravity Destoner, you are welcome to contact us.

TQSF Series Gravity Destoner:

Model  Yield
of Screen
Sieve Dip
TQSF-80 3-4 4-6 940 5-9 <980 145 0.25x2 340 1300*916*1800
TQSF-100 6-9 4-6 940 5-9 <980 160 0.25x2 400 1500*1160*1920
TQSF-125 8-11 4-6 940 5-9 <980 170 0.37x2 500 1470*1496*1920
TQSF-150 12-15 4-6 940 5-9 <980 200 0.55x2 600 1200*1476*1920
TQSF-175 16-20 4-5 940 5-9 <980 250 0.25x2 750 1220*1990*1920

TQSX Series Destoner:

Model TQSX56 TQSX85 TQSX100 TQSX125 TQSX168
Output(t/h) broomcorn millet,
millet, asesame
1.2-2 1.8-2.8 2.8-4.2 4.2-6 5.6-8.4
Oat, barley,
highland barley, buckwheat
1.5-2.5 2.5-4 4.0-6.0 6-8.5 8.0-12
maize 2.2-3.5 3-5 5-7 7-10 10-13
sunflower seed 1.3-2.2 1.9-3 3-4.5 4.5-6.3 6-9
Power(kw) 0.55 0.75 0.75 1.1 1.5
Air volume(m³/h) 2100-2300 3200-3400 3800-4100 5400-6200 9100-9600
Weight(kg) 260 350 380 480 600
Dimension(L*W*H) 1380*720*1610 1514*974*1809 1514*1124*1809 1514*1375*1809 1514*1790*1809
Function Removing stones from material for broomcorn millet and millet,
sesame, oat, barley, highland barley, buckwheat, maize, sunflower seed

TQSX Series Double-layer Stoner:

Model TQSX*120*2Z TQSX*160*2Z TQSX*180*2Z
Output(t/h) maizi 9-12 13-16 17-21
bean 9-13 12-17 14-20
Oat, barley,
highland barley
8-12 11-15 12-18
Power(kw) 2*0.25 2*0.37 2*0.37
Air volume(m³/h) 7500-8500 10000-12500 10000-12500
Weight(kg) 585 800 1000
Dimension(L*W*H) 1650*1550*2650 1650*2100*2260 1650*2300*2260
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