Chickpea Peeling Machine
Chickpea Peeling Machine
Chickpea Peeling Machine
Chickpea Peeling Machine
Chickpea Peeling Machine
Chickpea Peeling Machine

MTPS Chickpea Peeling Machine

Finished product: Chickpea
Production capacity: 1000-1500 kg/h
Core equipment: MTPS Chickpea Peeling Machine
Application: Chickpea Peeling



MTPS chickpea peeling machine is mainly composed of fittings of base frame, main shaft, charging regulation device, charging hopper, channel, air blower parts, cyclone parts, protective cover, propelling chamber, instrument, pressure door, guide cylinder, upper and lower beams, motor base, sieve plate, bearing base, motor, belt.

First, chickpeas are sent to the propelling chamber through charging regulation device where the spiral pusher conveys them to emery roll whose sharp appearance cuts the bran with some speed, making the corn particles rub against the sieve plate, so as to peel the materials. The outlet is equipped with air suction inlet to further cool down the bean and clean the finished product for the second time.



  • Reliable discharging of chickpea bran

    Chickpea Peeling Machine,Reliable discharging of chickpea bran.

  • Powerful cooling system

    Chickpea Peeling Machine,Powerful cooling system.

  • High sanitation standard

    Chickpea Peeling Machine,High sanitation standard.

  • Eeasily maintained and operated

    Chickpea Peeling Machine,Eeasily maintained and operated.Quick-replaceable sieve plate and other parts.


MTPS Chickpea Peeling Machine FINISHED PRODUCTS

WinTone Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of MTPS Chickpea Peeling Machine. The MTPS Chickpea Peeling Machine produced by our company are of stable quality, with few failures and simple operation. If you want to inquire about the price of MTPS Chickpea Peeling Machine, you are welcome to contact us.

Model Emery Roll
Emery Roll
MTPS-18B Φ180 660 1300 1~1.5 22 1410×1220×2030
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