Grain Mill, Flour Mill
Grain Mill, Flour Mill
Grain Mill, Flour Mill
Grain Flour
Grain Mill, Flour Mill
Grain Mill, Flour Mill
Grain Mill, Flour Mill
Grain Flour

Grain Mill, Flour Mill Machine

Finished product: Grain Flour
Production capacity: 2.5-3T/H
Core equipment: Pneumatic Flour Milling Machine, Pneumatic Roller Mill Machine
Application: Grain into flour



Grain Flour Milling Machine, With breaking, cutting, hulling, rubbing of the material, the effect of grinding is achieved. It depends on one pair of opposite differential rotation to peel materials, extracting the endosperm and milling it into flour.

1. The roller is supported by rolling bearing, which has low friction, low energy consumption and high efficiency.
2. Chain transmission is adopted to ensure smooth transmission.
3. Double feeding rollers are used for feeding, and the feeding is uniform.
4. Slow roll clutch and feeding mechanism linkage, fast operation.
5. Many standard parts are used for parts, which is convenient for maintenance.
6. The structure is reasonable, the operation is simple, and the matching use is convenient.



  • High quality of the end products

    High quality of the final products. Small size, low cost, easy to install, reliable performance.

  • Electrostatic spraying surface

    Electrostatic spraying surface, bright color, elegant design, and luxurious appearance.

  • Automatic pressure control

    Automatic pressure control, Independent self sustaining system and well shock absorbed.

  • Safe and Environment-friendly

    Flat grinding roller set, convenient maintenance. Synchronous rotation roller, smoothly operated, low noise, safe and environmentally protected.


Flour Milling Machine FINISHED PRODUCTS

WinTone Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of Grain Mill, Flour Mill Machine. The Grain Mill, Flour Mill Machine produced by our company are of stable quality, with few failures and simple operation. If you want to inquire about the price of Grain Mill, Flour Mill Machine, you are welcome to contact us.

Model 6F2235 6F2240 6F2250 6F2260 6F2270
Length (mm) 626 626 626 626 626
Width (mm) 854 904 1004 1104 1204
Height (mm) 700 700 700 700 700
Weight (kg) 500 550 610 700 760
Power(kW) 4-7.5 4-7.5 4-11 4-15 4-15
Speed ratio of fast and slow rolls 1.25:1 and 2.5 :1 1.25:1 and 2.5 :1 1.25:1 and 2.5 :1 1.25:1 and 2.5 :1 1.25:1 and 2.5 :1
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