Granotherm Kiln
Granotherm Kiln

Oat Cooking Machine

Finished product: Oat
Production capacity: 1-30tons/day
Core equipment: Cooking Machine
Application: Oats cooked food production



  The Oat Cooking Machine is a kind of oatmeal processing equipment developed by our company. It is mainly used for the hydrothermal treatment of shelled oats and beans. This equipment is often used in combination with the tempering machine to accurately set the retention time and accurately add moisture and heat. To ensure that the enzyme in the material is inactivated. At the same time, the product is stabilized by reducing microbial contamination. Hydrothermal treatment can also improve the taste of the finished product.


  1. All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel to prevent embrittlement. No drive or moving parts in the material flow;

  2. the separation of hot exhaust gas and cold exhaust gas can prevent condensation, thus eliminating the growth of microorganisms, which can provide the best sanitary conditions;

  3. The quick-action closure of the hinged cleaning wing and the cooling chamber air outlet guard makes the equipment easy to maintain;

  4. The stainless steel radiator can be pulled out to make maintenance more convenient;

  5. the unique design of the equipment can effectively prevent the accumulation of material flow;

  6. All gas, steam and condensation lines are easy to remove for easy cleaning.

  7. good insulation effect, low energy consumption.


WinTone Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of Oat Cooking Machine. The Oat Cooking Machine produced by our company are of stable quality, with few failures and simple operation. If you want to inquire about the price of Oat Cooking Machine, you are welcome to contact us.

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