Soybean Peeling Machine
Soybean Peeling Machine
Soybean Peeling Machine
Soybean Peeling Machine
Soybean Peeling Machine
Soybean Peeling Machine
Soybean Peeling Machine
Soybean Peeling Machine

DTP 30*2 Soybean Peeling Machine

Finished product: Soybean
Production capacity: 6-8T/H
Core equipment: Soybean Peeling Machine
Application: It is mainly used for peeling and separation of soybeans and peas, and is widely used in various soybean products factories: such as soy milk manufacturers, yuba manufacturers, tofu manufacturers. It is a raw food hygiene for soybean products manufacturer




DTP Soybean peeling or dehulling machine is a large capacity soybean peeling machine specially developed, which is designed based on the unique structural characteristics of soybean and pea.

Soybean are a powerful pulse crop: high in protein, rich in fiber and full of beneficial starches. We provide technologies for processing whole seeds. Whether you chose a single machine or let us help ou plang and install your complete solutions, we can advise you on the machinery and processes to suit your application and further valorization.

We are the expert and manufacturer of all kinds of beans peeling machines. We offer  different hullers designed exclusively for the processing of pulses. Our beans peeling machine ensures a proper removal of the seeds skins whilst retaining the bean' desirable components.

Capacities of soybean peelling machine : 500-1000 kg/h (MTPS-18),  1000kg/h (DTPZ-26), 6000-8000kg/h(DTP30*2) 9-12Ton/hour (DTP35*2), depending on customer requirements.



  • High finished product rate

    This series of soybean peeling machine is an automatic large peeling machine, which has little damage to broken soybean kernels and high finished product rate.

  • Humanization

    Humanization, in some power-lack areas, diesel engines can also be configured as power transmission.

  • High quality finished products

    The finished product is good, the size ratio can be adjusted according to customer needs, and it is a good helper for soybean processing.

  • High efficiency

    With low energy consumption, high efficiency, energy saving, small footprint, it is the standard product on the complete production line.


DTP 30*2 Soybean/Peas Peeling Machine FINISHED PRODUCTS

WinTone Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of DTP 30*2 Soybean Peeling Machine. The DTP 30*2 Soybean Peeling Machine produced by our company are of stable quality, with few failures and simple operation. If you want to inquire about the price of DTP 30*2 Soybean Peeling Machine, you are welcome to contact us.


Model  Capacity(t/h) Peeling rate(%) Broken rate (%) Power(KW) Spindle speed(r/min) Weight(kg) Air volume(m³/h) Dimension(mm)
DTP30*2 8-10 90-98 2-5 11-15(6 poles)
+3(6 poles)
850 1100 844-1758 2900*1696.5*2904
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