Buckwheat peeling machine
Buckwheat peeling machine
Buckwheat peeling machine
Buckwheat peeling machine
Buckwheat peeling machine
Buckwheat peeling machine

Buckwheat Dehulling/Shelling /Peeling Machine

Finished product: Buckwheat kernels
Production capacity: 200kg/h, 300kg/h
Core equipment: Buckwheatpeeling machine
Application: Buckwheat Shelling/Peeling/dehulling



Buckwheat peeling machine is a kind of equipment that can separate Buckwheat and hulls completely. And this machine has applied for the national patent.



  • High production

    The dehulling process is moderate so as to reduce the broken rate and ensure the yield.

  • Easy to operate

    The buckwheat peeling machine can be adjusted according to different sizes of material.

  • High dehulling efficiency

    We can control the grinding wheel interval and feeding speed to make it have ideal dehulling efficiency.

  • Easily maintained and operated.

    It has quick-replaceable sieve plate and other parts. The durable emery roller and less abrasion parts make the equipment easily operated and maintained.


  • Buckwheat Dehulling Machine
  • Buckwheat Dehulling Machine


Buckwheat Dehulling Machine FINISHED PRODUCTS

WinTone Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of Buckwheat Dehulling/Shelling /Peeling Machine. The Buckwheat Dehulling/Shelling /Peeling Machine produced by our company are of stable quality, with few failures and simple operation. If you want to inquire about the price of Buckwheat Dehulling/Shelling /Peeling Machine, you are welcome to contact us.


Model Yield(kg/h) Power(kw) Spindle speed(r/min) Dimension(mm)
QMJ-300D 150 1.5 960 920×710×1556
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