The impact of impurities on corn processing equipment

By, WinTone 26 Oct, 2021

For corn complete equipment, in order to ensure product quality, it is necessary to clean up the impurities in the material corn to avoid the ash content in the product.


At the same time, if the impurities are not cleaned up, they will also cause damage to the corn plant itself. What are the specifics? If you want to know what kind of damage impurity will cause to corn processing equipment, you need to know what kind of impurity will be.

 corn complete equipment,

We know that the more common impurities are small stones, iron filings, dust, grass blades, iron wires, etc., and there are many types and different properties. Once these impurities of different nature are not cleaned out,


Then during the operation of the complete set of corn processing equipment, these impurities will enter the equipment along with the materials, because the equipment is set according to the nature of the processed materials, so when there are relatively large differences in substances, collisions are likely to occur, such as iron filings or stones will hit the parts, causing wear and tear, affecting the cycle of use.


In short, users need to rationally design the cleaning process according to the nature of the impurities in the corn processing equipment and materials, and effectively remove the impurities, in order to generate sanitary and improve production quality.

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