If the corn grinder is making noise, how can I find out the problem?

By, WinTone 07 Mar, 2023

       Corn grinders are used in many food processing industries, they are equipment to ensure production quality. Because such equipment is so important, users pay more attention to them, but when people get sick, the equipment has a chance of failure. If there is a problem with the equipment, we can deal with it in time to reduce the loss. If it is detected in advance, it will not delay the work. In many cases, the equipment will make some noise during operation, which is very different from the usual operation. The noise is generally caused by a problem with the equipment, so it needs to be dealt with in time. This article will share a few reasons for the noise.

Corn grinders

If the windshield of the corner grinder is not installed correctly, it will cause noise. Pay attention to this when there is a problem or when installing the equipment. If the windshield is too rough during installation due to non-standard welding points or different edge heights, it will be damaged after installation. Causes abnormal noise due to friction at the end of the rotor.

Corn grinders

      The motor of the corner grinder may also make noise. If the shaft iron core position is not well compliant, the interior is not smooth enough, or the outer diameter of the rotor is not properly handled, abnormal noise will occur. In addition, if the stator and rotor of the motor are not properly The gap between them is uneven, and the working sound will be high and low during operation. In addition, if the fan blades of the device are not firmly fixed, the cover outside the fan will be beaten during operation, resulting in a crash sound.

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