What work does the corn machine need to do before using it?

By, WinTone 01 Apr, 2022

Corn machine is the most important equipment for processing corn. After we buy any equipment, we must pile it up and carry out good maintenance work. Only in this way can we use it better. Let's talk about what work the corn machine needs to do before using it.

corn processing machine

1. Before use, we need to read the instruction manual carefully and be familiar with the performance characteristics and operation methods of the corn machine;

2. Before starting the corn machine, an inspection is required to check that the fasteners cannot be loosened, the handle must be rotated flexibly, and the operating parts must be normal without abnormal noise, and then add oil in the reducer;

3. The corn machine should be connected to the power supply. After the power supply is turned on, the main shaft should be rotated counterclockwise. No matter what the situation is, the machine must have a good grounding device, otherwise it cannot be turned on;

4. Loosen the lock nut, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise, let the conical surface of the pressing screw drip out of the conical surface of the cake ring, and then unscrew the adjusting screw clockwise.

The above is the work content that corn machine needs to do before starting up, I hope we can all follow the steps.

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