Where to use corn processing machinery

By, WinTone 07 Oct, 2022

  Corn is one of the most widely used coarse grains, and a large amount of it needs to be made into corn flour in food processing plants to meet production needs, so corn processing machinery is used. And we know that there are many types of corn processing machinery, so where is it mainly used for corn processing machinery?

  Oil can be extracted from corn, so corn oil is now used more, and corn processing machinery is needed in the process of corn oil refining.

  1. Softening equipment. First of all, we need to use corn processing equipment to soften corn germ before it can be used for corn oil processing. Therefore, softening equipment is essential;

  2. Oil pressing equipment. A good oil pressing equipment is also very important for the production of corn oil, and the corn oil processed by good oil pressing equipment will be better;

  3. Oil filter equipment. The main function of this corn processing equipment is to reduce impurities in corn oil and make corn oil cleaner.

  The above is the corn processing machinery used for corn oil refining. These machinery and equipment can process corn germ well, thereby improving the quality of processed products.

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