Grinding rollers are used in corn processing equipment

By, WinTone 07 Oct, 2022

  Corn processing equipment has been used for a long time. From simple manual grinding to various corn processing equipment, it can be said that it has undergone many changes, but the basic function of corn processing equipment is grinding. This can be seen from the traditional diet. To make porridge, steamed buns and various snacks, corn needs to be processed first. Therefore, the use of grinding rollers has come into people's attention.

  The grinding roller is the main grinding device in the corn processing equipment. When using it, it is necessary to check whether the cleaning mechanism of the grinding roller is normal and whether the pressure on the roller surface is appropriate. Worn cleaning brushes and scrapers should be replaced in time to keep the roller surface in a normal state.

  The working surface of the grinding roller will gradually wear out during use. If the grinding effect has changed greatly, it should be replaced.

  After the toothed roller is worn, the front tooth surface becomes wider and bald, which is equivalent to the increase of the rake angle, the reduction of the crushing capacity, and the obvious increase of the dynamic consumption. After the rough surface of the core polishing roller is smoothed, the powder extraction rate will decrease.

  It should be noted that when installing the grinding rollers, it is necessary to carefully check whether the axes of the two rollers are parallel, especially for the center grinding. .

  In addition, after the corn mill is replaced with a new grinding roll, in order to make the basic rolling distance of the grinding roll correspond to the grinding object when it is put into operation, the initial rolling distance of the grinding roll should be roughly adjusted. When adjusting, turn on the air source but do not start the motor, close the feed roller, check the rolling distance of the grinding roller with a feeler gauge, and pay attention that the two ends should be consistent. For the mill, it is adjusted through the adjusting nut on the tie rod. After adjustment, it should be marked on the dial of the rolling distance adjusting handwheel.

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