What are the advantages of corn processing equipment, do you know?

By, WinTone 27 Apr, 2022

Everyone must have heard of corn processing equipment, right? Do you all know the advantages of corn processing equipment? Let me take you to get an in-depth understanding of the advantages of corn processing equipment!


  ① After the corn is puffed, the moisture content of the puffed corn meal is reduced to below 10%, which limits the breeding of insects and mold. Enhanced stability, suitable for longer-term storage, and suitable for preparing war rations to improve food quality.


  ②After being puffed by corn processing equipment, corn has become cooked food. It can be directly prepared with boiling water, or made into compressed food, or can be made into a variety of foods after a little processing, which is easy to eat and save time.


  ③After the corn is puffed by corn processing equipment, the coarse and hard tissue structure is destroyed, and the coarse grain can no longer be seen, and the taste of coarse grain can not be eaten. The taste is soft, the taste is improved, and the taste is improved.


  ④ The puffing process makes the nutrient content preservation rate and digestibility of the corn puffed product relatively high, which shows that the puffing process has no effect on the nutrition of the corn, and the digestibility is higher than that of the unpuffed corn.


   Generally speaking, the expansion technology of corn processing equipment is a good production technology. This production technology greatly improves the nutritional value and economic value of corn, and makes the types of products processed by corn processing equipment become more abundant.

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