Electric stone flour machine has become an important machine for processing grains

By, WinTone 07 Mar, 2023

The electric stone flour machine is designed to meet the daily requirements of grain production. It is powered by electricity to drive the equipment to operate, so that the grain is ground into powder in the equipment.

 stone flour mill
In the work of the electric stone flour machine, we will all find ways to improve and make the work smoother. What should we do?
Electric stone flour machine operators should carefully study the structural performance of each equipment in order to use them proficiently. Especially the stone mill unit should be the focus of the operation.
When operating the electric stone flour machine, you should first understand the process route and flow balance table of the entire unit, and adjust to the appropriate rolling distance according to the different amount of powder taken by each stone mill unit. If the stone mill is out of order, it should be able to find out the cause immediately and eliminate it quickly.
It is necessary to have a precise understanding of the entire air network, and adjust each air gate to the correct position to ensure smooth production and prevent the riser from falling off. Since the riser pipe is dropped, the return powder is increased, and power is wasted at the same time.

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