Electric grain mill,flour grinding machine

By, WinTone 26 Apr, 2022

Electric grinding machine consists of four parts: feeding, adjusting, grinding and sieving. The fuselage is the joint foundation of the whole machine. The main shaft passes through the center of the fuselage and is supported by two rolling bearings. There is a pulley in the middle of the main shaft, which is driven by power to rotate the main shaft.



Electric grain mill,flour grinding machine

1. Feeding part: It is located at the top of the fuselage, with a grain bucket and a grain bucket seat to hold grain, and the feeding amount of grain is controlled by a large gate and a small gate.
2. Adjustment part: This part is located at the rear of the fuselage, and is composed of inner adjustment nut, positioning handwheel, adjusting handwheel tail cover, and rear spring. By adjusting the rotation of the handwheel, the rear spring drives the main shaft to move axially, so as to achieve the work of adjusting the working gap of the movable and fixed grinding heads.
3. Grinding part: This part is located in the front part of the fuselage, mainly composed of fixed grinding head, moving grinding head and propeller. The grain is fed into the working gap of the moving and fixed grinding heads by the pusher to be crushed and ground. Each set of grinding heads can grind about 600,000 kilograms of grain.
4. Screening part: This part is located in the front part and is composed of the screen shell, chopsticks and brush support components. The rotation of the brush components separates the flour from the screen, and the bran residue comes out from the front mouth to complete the screening operation.
Structural features: The cone mill is a working machine in which the prime mover drives the main shaft to rotate for grinding. The structure is simple and compact, the grinding and sieve are integrated, and the supporting power is widely adaptable, and both electric motors and diesel engines can be directly driven.

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