Nutrimill Grain Mill
Nutrimill Grain Mill
Nutrimill Grain Mill
Nutrimill Grain Mill
Nutrimill Grain Mill
Nutrimill Grain Mill

Nutrimill Grain Mill

Finished product: Nutrimill Grain flour, Grain powder
Production capacity: 350-500kg/h
Core equipment: Nutrimill Grain Mill machine
Application: Nutrimill Grain Milling, Flour milling

Nutrimill Grain Mill, low-temperature grinding, the crushed grain is fine and nutritious. Nutrimill Grain Mill is a pulverizer for crushing various grains, suitable for crushing various food materials. The crushed grains, whole grains, Chinese medicine, and various food materials are very delicate, and the fineness of crushing is about 10-120 mesh.

Nutrimill Grain Mill

Nutrition Grain Powder

Nutritional grain powder is usually made by combining various grains (such as various kinds of rice, beans, and wheat). They are also the most commonly used nutritional powdered foods as meal replacements.

Since Grains contain very little water, they do not need to be dehydrated, and they can be ground directly into powder after they are cooked.

Like Grain, Grain powder is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B2, vitamin E, iron, magnesium, etc. According to the type of Grain, some are also rich in protein.

But unlike Grain, the dietary fiber content of Grain powder will be reduced after grinding and filtering.

Except for the content of dietary fiber, in the absence of food additives, the nutritional value of Grain powder and Grain are roughly similar.

But if other substances are added, the nutritional value is different.

For example, the grain powder sometimes contains added sugar, which will indirectly increase the calories of the product at this time.

There are also many Grain powders called "meal replacements" on the market.

For example, eating 30 grams can replace a meal.

However, there is still a gap between the nutritional value of 30 grams and the nutritional value of a meal, so even if "Meal Replacement" is written on it, it may not be a "Meal Replacement".

Powdered food sounds unfamiliar at first, but in fact, it can be seen everywhere in life. For example, milk powder eaten by babies and elderly people, whole grain powder and fruit and vegetable powder that are often used as meal replacements.


But why is good food being ground into powder?

After being ground into powder, will their nutritional value remain the same?

Today, I’m here to talk to you about powdered foods~


01. What is powdered food? 

First of all, the food referred to in the article includes all edible but non-medicinal foods (such as vegetables, fruits, meat, protein powder, etc.). 

To put it simply, the edible powder that is made from food ingredients through processing steps such as grinding and dehydration is a powdered food. 

For example, sesame powder ground from sesame seeds, milk powder processed from milk, fruit and vegetable powder processed from fresh fruits and vegetables, coffee powder ground from coffee beans, flour ground from wheat, and so on.

Various powdered foods are used in various ways in daily life.


Sometimes it can be part of a regular meal or a snack:

For example, whole grain powder, fruit and vegetable powder, milk powder, kudzu root powder, lotus root powder, etc. are often used as breakfast or snacks.


Sometimes it is also used for food flavoring:

Such as pepper, five-spice powder, chili powder, flour, starch, etc. are often used in daily cooking;

Powders such as coffee powder, cocoa powder, matcha powder, and cinnamon powder are often used in beverages and baked goods.


It is sometimes used to strengthen the basic diet:

Like whey protein powder, collagen powder, etc., they are deeply loved by fitness enthusiasts;


Maca powder (maca), wheatgrass powder (wheatgrass), spirulina powder (spirulina), camu powder (camu), etc. are labeled as "superfood" by the market and are used by some people Optimize the current diet (or psychologically feel that eating can optimize the current diet).


Related popular science: tell you in one breath: 20 kinds of Internet celebrity foods, are they nutritious or attractive?

When we learn more about powdered food, we also need to understand its processing technology and source of raw materials.

Some powdered foods are powders that are directly processed from whole foods (for example, sesame seeds are directly ground into sesame powder);

Some powdered foods are powders produced by multi-step refining and only extracting a certain part of the original food (such as refined flour that is ground after removing wheat bran and germ).

In order to allow everyone to better use the nutritional value of powdered foods for direct consumption, the editor will focus on this Copley to discuss powdered foods that are directly processed into powder from the whole food (including those that are often used as " "Meal Replacement" some foods~).


02. Why grind food into powder?

In fact, it is mainly for convenience.

Convenient storage: The powdered food that is ground after dehydration has very little water, which reduces the chance of bacteria breeding, so the shelf life is generally longer.

Convenient to carry: The powdered food itself has no fixed shape, so there is great flexibility in the choice of packaging.

Jar-shaped and strip-shaped packaging are common on the market, so even if you travel or take it with you, you are not afraid of food being crushed.

Convenient to eat: ordinary powdered food can be directly consumed anytime and anywhere by directly flushing with water or liquids such as milk, without too much consideration of the preparation time and location of the food.

Convenient absorption: When eating powdered food, the stomach no longer needs to spend great effort to grind the food, so this greatly reduces the burden on the stomach to digest food, so that the nutrients in the food can be updated by the human body. Absorbed quickly.


03. Why eat powdered food?


In fact, whether or not to eat such foods is always a personal choice.

For most people, they choose to eat powdered foods because they can provide a variety of life conveniences while retaining the original nutritional value of the food to a great extent.

Powdered foods such as whole grains powder and lotus root powder are usually eaten as "meal replacement" by the public (such as black sesame paste brewed in the office in the morning).

For people with special nutritional needs (such as the elderly, infants, gastrointestinal diseases and gastrointestinal surgery, etc.), powdered food may be one of the few main sources of food that they can eat.

And for those who gain weight, the powder can be added to the basic three meals a day to increase the density of nutrients.


The grains, whole grains, and various food raw materials crushed by Nutrimill Grain Mill retain their original rich nutrients and can be used to make various foods.

WinTone Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of Nutrimill Grain Mill. The Nutrimill Grain Mill produced by our company are of stable quality, with few failures and simple operation. If you want to inquire about the price of Nutrimill Grain Mill, you are welcome to contact us.

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