Reasons for broken rice in rice milling equipment

By, WinTone 22 Oct, 2021

Reasons for broken rice in rice milling equipment


   During rice milling, a large amount of broken rice was found, which may be related to the rollers of the rice milling equipment. The shape of the surface of the roller determines the amount of broken rice in the rice milling equipment.


The roller has ribs or grooves, which play the role of rubbing the rice grains circumferentially, turning the rice grains radially, and pushing the rice grains axially. With high ribs and deep grooves, brown rice has good tumbling and movement properties, and has a strong whitening effect. However, if the ribs are too high and the grooves are too deep, the rice milling effect will be too strong, resulting in more broken rice. The height of the ribs should be 4-8 mm, and the depth of the groove should be 8-12 mm.


  In addition, the inclination of the ribs and grooves controls the axial movement speed of the rice grains and the density of the rice grain fluid per unit volume. The large slope can increase the output of rice milling equipment. The slope is small, so the rice can be fully whitened.

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