Trouble shooting for lentil processing equipment

By, WinTone 22 Oct, 2021

After the lentil processing equipment has been used for a long time, various small faults will appear. These small faults affect our production progress. Users who understand the equipment will adjust these faults by themselves to solve them, but some users who do not understand are very distressed. Now, the editor will introduce to you the situation of the malfunction.Trouble shooting for lentil processing equipment:


The user should not think that it is a minor fault and do not pay attention to solving it. This will slowly evolve into a major fault, which will cause serious damage to the lentil processing equipment; if the equipment shakes during operation, check whether the screws in each part are loose, whether the anchor screws are stable. Loose parts should be tightened.

Trouble shooting for lentil processing equipment

When the lentil processing equipment is in normal operation, if the powder output is small or no powder, the user can check whether the sieve is blocked; only the lentil powder does not produce the bran, the user can observe whether the rotation of the main shaft is correct. Whether there is damage and whether the sealing of the screen frame is tight.


The temperature of the lentil flour produced by the equipment is too high. In this case, you should adjust the gap between the lower grinding rollers and check whether the lower grinding rollers are worn. If there is any, repair or replace them on time, especially in summer. Pay attention to the equipment during the operation. Heat dissipation; the equipment works normally, but the output is very low. In this case, the gap between the grinding rollers should be adjusted, the spring should be compressed, and the condition of the lower grinding teeth should be checked. If the wear is serious, replace it with a new one.

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