Do rice processing machinery need to be cleaned regularly?

By, WinTone 22 Oct, 2021

Do rice processing machinery need to be cleaned regularly?

The impurity removal project must be carried out in the production of rice processing machinery. This is because the rice contains large, medium and small dust, stone and other impurities, which seriously affects the processing technology of the machinery, resulting in damage to parts, unclean and hygienic rice products, and even many dangerous situations. Therefore, cleaning machinery is an important link in production technology.


Rice Processing Machine

  In addition to the role of debris, rice processing machinery can also improve the quality and fineness of processed products, provide people with healthier foods, and avoid damage to equipment components such as stones. Therefore, in this process, the operator should pay more attention to make Qingli's impurity effect meet the standard requirements as much as possible.

   Some large impurities in rice processing machinery, such as dust and mustard impurities, are relatively simple to clean, so they are usually cleaned before use. Then clean up other mixed and bonded impurities. In short, the purpose is to ensure that the equipment has a clean effect to ensure the quality of production.

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